Modernizing the Commercial Real Estate Financing Process

The Seecares platform generates digital offering memorandums that help developers and investors close deals faster.

The Seecares Advantage

Transforming the Due Diligence Process Through Automation

Enrich digital offering memorandums by including and analyzing exhaustive data.
Provide linked references for reinforceable validation.
Validate pro-formas from developers through multiple data sources.
Raise funds promptly by providing full transparency to the investment process.

About Seecares

Seecares is on a mission to modernize the real estate financing process for SMBs using human-oriented software.

The Seecares Platform

Meet the Offering Memorandum 2.0

Save time by creating automated offering memorandums within hours.

Get ahead of the competition and close deals faster, no longer needing weeks to create complex offering memorandums.

Boost confidence by connecting to thousands of data points.

Don't rely on a single data source. Get up-to-date and relevant information using thousands of data points.

Impress investors effortlessly with accessible and professional designs.

Improve conversion rates by providing investors with a top-of-the-line user experience, making it easier to process and understand the data and helping them make decisions faster.

Having a tool that makes offering memorandums accessible to investors would be of incredible value and give prospects more confidence regarding the deal, thus leading to more sales.

Niv Amodai, Co-Founder

Immobiliare Capital Group

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The Seecares Platform

Main Features

Project Management Platform

Easy management, tracking, and comparison of projects.

Unique tools for each stakeholder – brokers, lenders, and sponsors.

Analytic insights to boost sales.

In-platform deal follow-ups.

Real Time Dashboards

Measure deal engagement and monitor conversion rates.

Compare deals statistics.

Track funding status in real time.

Drill-down enabled interface.

The Seecares Difference

Closing More Deals In Less Time

Our cloud-based platform generates cutting-edge digital offering memorandums that offer investors and developers a disruptive approach to funding real estate deals faster.

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