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Announcements December 8, 2021

SeeCares and Termsheet: Unlocking Data Together

This partnership will enable teams to execute deals more efficiently, allowing them to seamlessly sync data between their underwriting, investor management system, and databases

It’s no secret that the CRE commercial real estate industry is finally shaking up in it’s relationship with proptech. While the process of arranging financing remains pretty much the same as it was years ago, firms have finally started adapting technological tools over the last 5-10 years, touching different aspects of their workflows. While SeeCares focuses on underwriting, generally still being done manually in excel and is laden with grunt work, we answer one piece of the puzzle that makes up the larger pie, which is the daily workflows for anyone working in CRE.

Lenders and investors, borrowers and operators alike, are flooded with tools for managing their investor portals and databases, reflecting a general trend in the business world. CRMs and ERPs are ubiquitous across nearly every industry, and there are numerous tools designed with commercial real estate in mind.

"Users will benefit from yet another aspect of the commercial real estate financing process becoming automated, and we look forward to streamlining the process together!"

Evan Chesir

After consulting with our own customers and partners, it became clear that Termsheet is setting a new standard. Instead of being another real estate focused CRM, they are developing a full investor management platform, that enables real estate teams to automate and organize routine work and unlock their proprietary database. Teams can use it to easily analyze, visualize, and act on any data with automatically synthesized information once trapped in different files.

At the end of the day, this fits in perfectly with the SeeCares’ motto of automating everything that can be automated in a smart way, and unlocking the information analysts and organizations often lose in their myriad of databases and spreadsheets.

Looking forward to working together!

Evan Chesir

Evan Chesir leads the Business Development and Marketing at SeeCares. He builds industry relationships with lenders, borrowers, and brokers, helping each of them close more deals more quickly.

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