Modernizing the Commercial Real Estate Financing Process

The SeeCares platform streamlines the full process for real estate lenders, bridging the gap and risk from loan request to approval.

The Seecares Platform

SeeCares Streamlines Real Estate Lending

Process Deals faster.

Collect documentation, adapt reporting templates, check on borrowers, and access everything needed to process a deal in one place.

Truly Helpful Data, Based on Thousands of Data Points

Don’t take your analyst’s word for it. Access data that’s important to your specific diligence, via trusted data integrations.

Deepen Relationships

Retain the best borrowers by fostering clear communication built on trusted information.

OM Creator

Automatically create OMs and issue required memos in seconds, filled out correctly the first time.

Catch Refinancing Deals

Receive notification for future opportunities.

Track Your Success

Reflect on your own track record or benchmarks, and easily compare it with industry numbers.
Empowering CRE Lenders to close deals more efficiently.

Our Commitment

Close More Deals in Less Time

Organized information and efficient work-flows mean more deals you can be confident in. The SeeCares cloud-based platform grows together with you, so you can focus on driving business.